Renewable Chemicals Process Report

  • The report will cover making Methanol, Ethanol, Ammonia, Dimethyl-ether, PPC, SNG, syngas, gasoline, hydrogen (from electrolysis and small-scale fuel reforming), ethylene, urea, polycarbonate resin, PVC, biogas, and CO2.
  • The author describes CO2 capture from geothermal and other renewable sources and categorizes the chemicals to be made according to their fitness-for-markets, along with the important factors to consider for Return on Investment for each chemical.
  • The report cost is $ 9,000 (USD), and will is delivered in pdf format with a 2 hours explanatory¬†session over video conference. Each additional license will cost $ 4,500¬† (USD). Please reach out for more details about the report.

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